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The educational concept is fundamental. You have to think of it in terms of different factors ...



Everyone likes a good story. Serious games allow you to create an engaging script ...

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Philippe Daveze

Philippe Davèze

In May 2001, he founded Symvision, a company specializing in digital services. He has worked on hundreds of projects of all kinds such as websites, mobile applications, video production, online training, mass emails, presentations. Today, he dedicates Symvision and its know-how to online training.

Mélissa Roy

Since 2003, Mélissa Roy has been evolving in the field of education and training. Over the years, she has specialized in the development of adult education and online training projects. She used her creativity to put together teaching and learning strategies. Her advice and solutions were able to achieve the objectives, maintain the skills and keep the learners motivated.

Dominique Bisson

Dominique Bisson

He has been a programmer for over 25 years. He has solid experience and many skills in different coding languages. His excellent computer skills allow him to program, install, configure and debug servers / systems. For more than a decade, he has worked on major aerospace and defense simulation systems, a specialty that has taken him to travel the world to support teams of programmers and configure complex systems.


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